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A More Accessible and Inclusive World

Organizations across the globe are increasingly recognizing people with disabilities as talent and setting them up for success through accessible technology.

United Kingdom: GlaxoSmithKline, a multi-national pharmaceutical company, relies on Teams accessibility features such as background blur and live captions to help employees with remote collaboration.

“I have definitely seen an increase in engagement by using Microsoft Teams for everyone, but especially for people with disabilities.” Tracy Lee Mitchelson, Project Lead, Disability Confidence at GSK.

France: Sodexo, a provider of quality of life services, is helping employees work independently through building digital accessibility skills using Microsoft 365 as its communications and collaboration platform.

“Some of the work that’s happened with our front-line workers helping them to understand the Microsoft tools that were available have really helped with their digital accessibility.” Megan Horsburgh Head of D&I, Sodexo UK & Ireland.

India: By embracing Microsoft Teams, v-shesh, a workforce services provider, is delivering engaging lessons in the cloud and equips people with disabilities to be part of the digital-first economy.

“With Teams, we are not only creating an inclusive environment but also equipping our learners to be ready for the future of work.” P Rajasekharan, Co-founder at v-shesh.

United States: Fannie Mae, a provider in mortgage services, is seeing Microsoft 365 play a crucial part in digital transformation and building an inclusive workplace that helps all employees reach their potential.

“We use the accessibility tools in Microsoft 365 as part of our drive to approach everything from an inclusive mindset. When you do that, not only do you problem-solve for the needs of your customers, you drive innovation as a natural by-product.”  Cassie Hong, Product Designer at Fannie Mae.

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