John’s Crazy Socks Empowers People with Disabilities *


In 2006, John Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, turned his affinity for lively socks and spreading joy into a retail venture: John’s Crazy Socks. Today this successful small business operates as a shining example of disability inclusion, with more than half of its 35-person staff made up of employees with disabilities.

John’s Crazy Socks recently gave employees their very first business cards and email addresses through Microsoft Office 365. Accompanied by new Surface Pro devices, these tools have helped John’s Crazy Socks manage its growing business.

“We wanted people to feel like professionals,” says Mark Cronin, John’s father and co-founder. “What other people may take for granted, our folks were ecstatic. They were incredibly excited to get an email address.”

For Andrew Oh, a quiet 23-year-old sock wrangler with autism, the job has helped him talk more and be more confident in social situations, says his mother, Dianne Taglich-Oh. He loves handing out his business card and getting emails from his boss about company news and his schedule, instead of hearing about them through his mom. Email makes him feel like a valued, responsible employee.

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