4 Ways to Make PDF Accessibility Faster *

When you’re building an engaging, informative, accessible website, PDF accessibility might not be your top priority, but it’s no less important than captioning videos and describing images with alt text. Even one inaccessible PDF is enough to render your website inaccessible. But how can you find the time to manually build tag trees and identify each non-text element of every PDF? The right tools can help you and your team speed up the process to achieve accessibility quickly, easily, and efficiently.

1. Faster software

Many different software programs can remediate PDFs, but if remediation isn’t your software’s first functionality, it’s probably not as efficient as software that puts accessibility first. Tools that marry automation and human effort make PDF accessibility both fast and accurate. Equidox utilizes automated features to tag even complicated elements like tables and nested lists in just a few clicks, and allows your input to adjust and validate accuracy. Fully automated software can miss important contextual information that only a human can explain. No automation at all means a lot of painstaking, manual tagging. Thanks to those automated features, Equidox is 90% faster than other PDF accessibility software.

2. Collaborate with coworkers

Many hands make light work, but that can be difficult if your software is confined to one device, or setting up a workflow within the software is inefficient. Choose a cloud-based option so users have access no matter where they’re working. Software with built-in collaboration features allow your admin to easily delegate projects and manage workflow. Equidox allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on a single document. It also provides administrative features to track large projects and silo documents within departments for security or simplicity if needed.

3. Faster training

If you and your team are wasting hours or days on software training that still requires weeks of practice to grasp, you need new software. Choose PDF accessibility tools that are easy for everyone to learn whether they have a background in accessibility and PDF structure or not. Training can become expensive if the software is difficult to learn or your team doesn’t have an accessibility background. Equidox includes free training and support. After an hour of basic training on Equidox software, you’ll be remediating documents with ease, even without any prior accessibility knowledge. Tools should be easy to use as well. Intuitive tools with easy-to-navigate screens make work simple.

4. Call in the pros

If you’ve got a deluge of inaccessible PDFs or some particularly complicated documents taking up too much of your staff’s valuable time, enlist the help of PDF accessibility experts. While Equidox software is robust enough to handle even complicated PDFs, sometimes it makes sense to hand off a project to professionals. Equidox offers both PDF accessibility software and document conversion services. You don’t have to search for another company when you want help completing your project.

Better tools make PDF accessibility faster and easier

PDF accessibility doesn’t have to take up all your time. Are you working with software that’s too difficult to learn and use? Need a better way to manage workflow, with the option to outsource when you need to hand something off? Contact Equidox and ask about our competitive upgrade program to make upgrading to Equidox easier!


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